Mspa feilkode hef 1

Man må demontere badet og måle resistansen eller OHM i varme elementet ved rom temperatur. Power off the spa and turn on the spa again to enter into. Standby mode (No display at control panel).

Vattennivån för låg – Kontrollera att vattennivån är mellan. MSpa Where luxury is affordable contact them. MSPA er markedets ledende produsent av oppblåsbare spabad.

MSPA Support 20og eldre bad Feilkode: HEF1.

On receiving it I had a problem with a HEF error code and after a number of phone calls the circuit board was replaced under warranty. FEF error code after speaking to the main distributor in the. There is water leaking between control box and the spa pool (or spa liner). What is wrong when the control panel display such code as “HEF”, “FEF”,”BBF”, . To avoid static shocks in MSpa, wet body and hands or touch metal stuff to.

When using the spa tub outside, air pipe can not be taken off. Please always write down the error code, and report to Mspa service center for help .