Nzxt h440 review

The NZXT H4aims to make the new and revamped H series part of the mid-tower market. Offering no external drive bay is either gutsy or . Was the launch of the H4a couple of years ago a watershed moment for NZXT?

Prior to that moment, the US manufacturer of PC chassis . NZXT has updated its enthusiast H4case. This new version goes by the unimaginative name ‘H4New Edition’ however the list of changes . As you have probably realise we have the NZXT H4for review today, in red and black, two of the most popular gaming colours out there .

The H4White PC Gaming Case is a primarily gloss white finish with key black trim accents. NZXT H4Series of Mid-Tower PC Gaming cases have set the . Today Leo looks at the new, latest version of the H4case which retails around the £mark. The company’s new H4mid-tower chassis doesn’t have any bays for externally-facing 5. Product on Review: H420Edition Hue+ Manufacturer Sponsor : NZXT Street Price: £89.