Mason pearson

Manufacturer of rubber-cushion brushes. Company history, product line overview, and maintenance tips. BufretOversett denne sidenBrushing your hair can be a pleasurable and very personal experience, some would even describe it as sensual.

Many people savour those few moments of the . Mason Pearson Brushes are made to order to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship. We use the same techniques pioneered and patented by the . Here you can find the full range of Mason Pearson products including accessories. Our full range of Mason Pearson products including accessories.

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Free shipping on UK orders over £30. Full range of Mason Pearson hair brushes available online. Until I graduated to Mason Pearson, I thought it was normal for brushes to tug, pull, snag and hurt. Oh, and to also rip out a bunch of my hair .

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Mason Pearson, founder–engineer–inventor, moved from Yorkshire, Northern England to London in the mid-1860s to work at British Steam Brush . Hand crafted in England from boar bristle and nylon, this luxury brush will banish tangles while keeping hair shiny and healthy. Since it was founded in 188 the Mason Pearson Hairbrush has been a worldwide pioneer within hair care. The brushes cleanse the hair and stimulate the .