M6 skrue diameter

Mbetyr rett og slett at ytre diameter på gjengene er 8mm. Hvis du skal gjenge opp et hull: M- 5. M=metric and the following number is the thread diameter in mm.

Thus Mhas a 5mm diameter thread (not the diameter of spanner you need). The ISO metric screw threads are the world-wide most commonly used type of general-purpose. Noen ganger trenger man en oversikt over bordiameter når man skal gjenge, derfor denne enkle tabellen.

The most common thread diameter and pitch combinaons found in plant and machinery are listed in the table below: Size. As I take it – an Mallen bolt, for example, is 5mm diameter at the thread bit. For example, a bolt specified as M6-1. The M indicates that it is a metric size.

Keep in mind that metric bolts are usually . Ok all this MMetc confuses me a little. Anyone got a chart to show what diameter length etc each one represents? This uses the equations from ANSI B1-19and B18.