Logitech z623 subwoofer size

THX-sertifisert lyd er designet og innstilt for å gi deg klar lyd og kraftig bass for musikk, filmer og spilling. The Logitech Z6that we’re testing today appears to be the replacement for the well-reviewed Z-23that has been available since 2004. Logitech Z6Speaker System Review: Big Soun Little Box.

With a subwoofer this size, the Z6excels at bass-heavy content such as . With the Logitech Z6speaker system, the sound is deep and rich. When it comes to the size of the subwoofer, you are looking at about . Z623: The Z623’s subwoofer is two thirds the size of Z-2300.

It measures 12” (H) X 11” (W) X 10. Logitech kept the height width almost . The wooden enclosure has a dimension of 302x282x264mm, which isn’t. The back of the Logitech Z623’s subwoofer has one 3. The Logitech z6speakers follow the standard 2. In comparison to the size of the box, the port on this subwoofer is massive.

Logitech Z62Watt Home Speaker System, 2. Keep in mind that my review is based on many variables such as the size of my room, . Subwoofer level is easily adjustable.

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