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KASTEHELMI,translations from Finnish,translation of KASTEHELMI Finnish. A newly designed jar and tumbler follow the Kastehelmi range essentials. The name of the range literally translates as ‘dewdrops’. Pronunciation of Kastehelmi found audio voices for Kastehelmi.

Meaning; Translate; Sentence; Antonyms; Synonyms. Translate offers both professional human and machine translations between 75. Iittala, founded as a glassworks in 188 is a Finnish design brand specialising in design. Oiva Toikka created the dew drop glassware Kastehelmi in 196 which along with Tapio Wirkkala’s glasses Ultima Thule from 19are still in . Sarjaton and Kastehelmi from Iittala.

Maintaining the brand’s tradition of elegant yet playful scandinavian aesthetics, these two ranges both . The bowl is made of high quality glass . Sale Kastehelmi candleholder – ultramarine (blue) – Iittala. Kastehelmi glass jar 2-pack – clear (grey tin) – Iittala . With an intricate bubble design in circles around the exterior, this votive is inspired by glistening dewdrops which the Finnish word Kastehelmi translates to. Ekologinen Kauneushoitola ja parturi-kampaamo Kastehelmi toivottaa asiakkaat tervetulleeksi Jalonniemitaloon Suomussalmelle!

Iittala Kastehelmi Tray – The series Kastehlemi was designed by Oiva Toikka in 19for. The importers used the English translation of Kastehlemi – introduced . Ekokosmetologi Elisa Juntunen on koulutukseltaan ekokosmetologi, maskeeraaja ja hieroja. Kastehelmi nimi on Elisalle merkityksellinen lapsuudesta, jolloin . Covered in a raised bubble design, this cake stand has been inspired by dewdrops which is the English translation of the Finnish word ‘Kastehelmi’.

Kastehelmi Grey Tray Oiva Toikka’s famous bubbled glass detailing called Kastehelmi (Dewdrop) is translated into a geometric pattern and naturally . Buy Iittala Kastehelmi Votive from our Candle Holders range at John Lewis. Kastehelmi translates as ‘dewdrop’ and references the dew-like .