Tec7 transparent

Lim byggfug TecTransparent. MS-polymer, transparent 3ml, Art. Transparent MS-polymer lim, fuge- og tettemasse.

Copyright Relekta AS side av ☞. Transparent smussavvisende fuge- og. ROCKer en høyelastisk transparent fugemasse som også limer. Transparent smussavvisende fuge- og tettemasseer.

Trans Clear has multiple applications in the Building, Construction,. For difficult applications with high requirements we advise the use of Tec 7 . Teccan seal, mount and bond all common building materials – even under. TecTrans Clear – New look label now available in store Adhesives Sealants. TRANSPARENT UNIVERSAL SEALING ADHESIVE. Good bonding properties; Can be applied to wet substrate; Fungus and bacteria-resistant.

Novatech Fugemasse Teclys grå 310ml. Novatec fugemasse Transclear 310ml krystallklar. Novatech Fugemasse TecTeglstenrød 3ml.

Tec7’s Tranis the translucent or transparent sealant making ideal for sealing window frames, perspex or even fish tanks.