Lesra martin

Lesra Martin is a Canadian lawyer and motivational speaker. He is known for helping to bring about the release of boxer Rubin Hurricane Carter. Lastet opp av nsbspeakersLesra Martin is an inspiring example of the power in each of us to make a difference.

Keynote speaker and author on the topic of finding the power to make a difference that exists in everyone. Motivational speaker Lesra Martin leads an inspirational life as author of Lazarus and the Hurricane. Lesra Martin (Character) on: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more.

Come on,” Lesra Martin jokingly complains.

The lawyer, author, motivational speaker and literacy ambassador . Others in the Hurricane story who have drifted away include Lesra Martin, the African-American teenager adopted by the Toronto commune . Lesra Martin was born in 19to Earl and Alma Martin. He was the second eldest son of eight children. The family initially enjoyed a middle . Meet the experienced legal team at Martin Martin Lawyers in Kamloops, including husband and wife partners Lesra Martin and Cheryl Martin.